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Comedy game/ Performance art:

" Created from the point of view of washed up film director gone game developer Jurgen... answer important psychological questions to experience indie gameplay. "

Voice Over Acting - Adrian "Ye Old Shrimp Eyes" Vaughan
Programming - RadJor

Special Thanks:

- Peter Molydeux (twitter collaboration)

- iDubbbz (scream SFX)

- The SeaDads (spiritual advice)

- Murray Lorden (spiritual advice)

- Yusuke (Japanese kazoo song used with permission)


In 2014 I got Adrian heavily intoxicated and we recorded all the VO fairly ad-lib in one hit, feeding him different topics.

Radjor threw everything together, but then was this 2GB GIT conflict or something and I thought maybe people would think it's a commentary on this other FMV game that came around around the same time... the whole thing was forgotten about for a few years until I tweeted it out and then Jacob the other day was all like "lol the world needs to see this just put it on itch.io too"


🐳 Jurgen's whale music



Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

WindowsIndieVideoVideoGame.zip 352 MB
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I don't know why this is $20. It's pretty short, but entertaining for the time you get from it. Unless I'm missing out on something, I only really needed two runs, and then I got the cat ending.


It's probably 20 bucks because it's trying to direct you to buying the ukraine bundle instead.


I'm happy to support the charity bundles


Thanks for playing! $20 seems reasonable to me. You can get it in the bundle. The endings are: gives up, money issues (cat ending) and the good spiritual ending.